Monday, August 30, 2010

Chapter 3

It's Monday, one day shy of when mom was admitted to Parkland. Although she's climbing the walls she's still finding a smile. We know help is coming..and it's here.

A nurse today described Parkland as, "It may be ugly, but we get you fixed up here", and "the same bum outside may ask you again for money, but this nurse said she'd never trade this hospital for a fancier one. She said in all her 20 years of working, Parkland was by far the best with treating patients and also NOT turning away people....AMEN.

Saturday, Marshall insisted on going to see Nana and find out about her blood pressure. He's infatuated by blood pressure and the machine. I have to say he really likes pushing the buttons on her bed to make it go up and down. He loves anything mechanical! He and I played on it and he almost closed me up like a sandwich. Of course we kicked mom out of her bed before we dook it over, which was not a fight!

Saturday's at Parkland are a little quiter, plus you get FREE parking! We took Marshall outside to the grassy area so he could run some steam off, chase some pigeons, throw rocks (made him stop) and try to saw down a light pole with a stick. I love his imagination. Mom and I (my brother and family) have found ours...we imagine we have found our help in getting Mom treatment.

On Sunday, seeing mom is just vacationing :-), my Granny, Aunt Sue, and my Mother-in law, came up to shower her with goodies, love, books, and conversation. That was a nice treat! We had heard rumors of my mom getting transferred to the 7th floor, cancer floor, to receive her first treatment, but she's still in the same room as of today, Monday. A room had opened up for her, but someone from ER took it, which is fine. My mom has her patient hat on. Her sodium is now 130, almost normal!

We're hoping this evening, Monday night she'll be moved and we can start Tuesday morning with a chemo treatment we have all worked and faught hard to get. Hang 10 mom, I really promise you're almost there. At least you know where the eateries, vending machines are, and the front door for some fresh air. We love you!!

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Monica said...

Wow Christy! I have ya'll in my prayers. I hope to be in Tx the end of Sept. I hope to finally meet you and maybe I can meet your mom too. HUgs to you and my cousin Mario and Marshall. Keep your head up and a song in your heart. God will see ya'll through.. :)
Luv and hugs,