Friday, August 27, 2010

Chapter 2

You might be wondering, why I think Parkland is like NYC? Well, I say that only because it seems as though it's a city within a city. People every where, all nationalities, lots of action, lots of people watching. I love NYC. Right now, I LOVE Parkland. It's been a ride getting to this point, but the light has been turned on. It will be brighter soon as they get the ball rolling.

Wednesday morning when I returned to Baylor mom had been moved from the Observation Unit, and her cell phone was on vibrate just as I left it and her. The good detective I am, I traced her down. She was now on the 5 th floor North Pole side and enjoying a private room. Still sceptic on the cleanliness of Parkland I walked her room to inspect. All I found was 'spirit', spirit from 1952 when the hospital was first opened. Wow, how many people do you think were in that same hospital room as mom? Yes, I weigh my mind down with stupid random questions.

Seeing this her 4th hospital to be in within 3 months we have a chance now to dissect, judge, praise, and exhale, we're hoping this is the last, but the beginning of a new game. Dukes up tumor, you're going down!! As Parkland now tells my mom..."WE OWN YOU NOW" to get you better!!

During the ER process several doctors and nurses told us what a difficult process it is to get into a hospital with no insurance for treatment. Yes, we had hoops, hurtles, and lots of tears. We're here now! Mom is repeating a lot of testing that she's already gone through, but it's for the best. This way they can determine the amount of treatment and scheduling. She could be receiving her first treatment in the hospital...our dream come true. Her next treatment will be Sept 10th. The radiation doctor said her radiation will probably be Monday through Friday, with Chemo treatment every 3 weeks. These are only words right now and could change once both teams come together for her MRI and CT scan results.

Before I left Wednesday mom traveled with me to the 1st floor. As soon as we got off the elevator it was like walking off the subway. Everyone in everyone's way. We found the vending machines, the main entrance to the outside world, the gift shop, and had the privilege of seeing a gentleman walking around with his catheter. Yes, had a been prepared with my cell phone I might have taken a picture of that just for this blog posting. :-)

Thursday I arrived back to Parkland after I worked 1/2 day at my job. Although I'm not at my desk I'm still working off my cell phone. I've been blessed to have a job where I can be mobile if needed. Thank you lord, and my boss! On the way I stopped at Whole Foods to get her a massive sandwich, chips, salsa, lemon cake (to share), and a dark chocolate bar. We enjoyed lunch while we waited for any new news. We stared out the window a lot, watched planes fly into Love Field, and channel flip on the TV. I left around 6pm, and my brother spent some time in the evening with her.

Today is now Friday. Mom is having a bone scan, and we are waiting for the Chemo doctor to come by with his plan and the results of her new tests. She is going good with her spirits and staying focused. Although a little bored she is managing with a cross stitch dealio.

We love you mom, hang in there and hang TOUGH!

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Hang in there Deb!