Saturday, August 21, 2010

"I Gotta Golden Ticket"

Family and Friends -

I'm sitting here staring at the computer trying to find the brain cells to update this blog. It's been a wild ride this week. First my mom is doing ok, and she's at home enjoying her own bed. Thursday night Baylor Waxahachie released my mom even though her sodium was low. The doctor who was over her at the hospital basically said there was nothing he could do and that she needed to seek treatment. We'll get back to this doctors action in a few..

So my brother went to pick her up around 7 p.m.. When he got her home I called her and told her to pack a bag and that I'd be there in the morning to take her to Parkland ER. You see, we actually had someone call us back to help. This was the Oncologist at Las Colinas. Her assistant called and said they had found out that if Ellis County Indigent Program denied her she could go to Parkland, a Dallas County Hospital. The Oncologist called Ellis County and told them how serious this to my mother's health. And apparently got pretty loud about it.

We were pretty overwelmed that Las Colinas Cancer Center called to follow up and give guidance to us. What a blessing, something we never even saw coming. Someone remembered, someone cared. Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of understanding and compassionite people on the other side of the telephone. But all said "without insurance, the treatment is costly".

So, knowing we possibly had an avenue into Parkland, I said "Let's pack for camp" and head to the ER. I worked as much as I could for my job in the morning, then dropped my son off at daycare, and headed to Waxahachie to pick up MY MOMMA. On our way there I made several phone calls. One of which was to Las Colinas to let them know we were in route. They suggested we stay home, until they had heard back from Parkland. We thought...really how long could it take. We'll just get to Dallas and stay around the hospital while waiting for the phone calls.

I hope you're keeping up, because I might sound confusing! On the way there we found out that the Ellis County Indigent care had approved my mom. They told us they would fax or call Parkland. Waiting..waiting...waiting, I call and get another person with Ellis County. She said we had to come back to Waxahachie to the Hope Clinic where doctor there would fill out a referral for my mom to get into Parkland. The "golden ticket". Of course the doctor had to be briefed on what was going on which was painful, but needed. She called Ellis County, and Las Colinas Medical Center, AND Parkland. You can see how confusing it is. Once she connected the dots, she had wrote a referral and handed it to us.

Almost there.... We had to go to the Indigent care place that the Court House and hand them the paper. They reviewed, and handed us a typed piece of paper stating SHE WAS APPROVED! Although we were angry that all of this couldn't be 'faxed' or 'email' in this day in age. We were still happy. We went straight to Office Depot and FAXED the Golden Ticket to Parkland! We are now waiting for Parkland to call, which will be Monday. They'll schedule her first appointment. In the meantime if she starts to feel week, we'll go straight to Parkland ER. Other option is to go to Baylor Waxachie again and say...."HERE'S JOHNNY" and they will HAVE to take care of her.
Back to the Baylor doctor, I can tell you I will be writing a letter to the hospital administrator! This doctor never once checked my mom's heart, or the sweeling in her legs. She wrote her off as soon as he reviewed her medical records. With our hopsital experience, which started June 8, every doctor (and there were many) would check my mom's heart, ask her if she's hurting, etc etc. THIS doctor did not. And the Hope Clinic didn't understand why he released her and/or
transfer her to Baylor Dallas. Ridiculous!!! He's on my list!
I apologize if this is confusing or if there obvious typos, or bad grammer. I wanted to make sure I got an update out on the blog to where we stand right now. APPROVED. THE GOLDEN TICKET. Now, we wait for a phone call from Parkland for appointment time, or they see us sooner in the ER.
Las Colinas - YAY!!! Thank you so much for my momma weighing on your heart and that you didn't forget about her. WE THANK YOU.
I also have a very SPECIAL thanks to eveyone who has been praying for us, following my annoying play by play Facebook postings and this blog. We are overwelmed with all the love and support. We have also received several donations. THANK YOU. It fills my heart and helps MY MOMMA so much. Everything little bit helps, and we appreciate it!!
Much love to you,

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Sydney said...

YAAAAY! I love you! keep your head up and know we are praying for you.