Monday, August 16, 2010

Back in caring hands...

Just when you think you’re working fast, turns out it’s just not fast enough. My momma is back in the hospital. She arrived at the ER Thursday evening and they admitted her. Her blood reports from the free clinic showed a low sodium level, which was 120. Seeing it took them a whole week to get her results back a trip to the ER was unavoidable. Her sodium dropped to a dangerous level again, of 114. The ER docs and nurses couldn’t believe she wasn’t having seizures. Thank goodness!!

I know this frustrates my mom to know end. The little bit of light she had between hospitals was a blessing. Now she must look at the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu for the next few days. Last report sodium level was Saturday at only 117. They can’t bring up sodium levels too fast, so it’s a long process which includes a nice poke at 4 a.m. daily.

Update on paperwork madness:

*She’s got an appointment over the phone tomorrow with Social Security Office, 9 a.m.

*We’re still working on getting all the paperwork for the Ellis County Indigent program (she was in the process before this spell happened) I have contacted them and I aim to take them some more paperwork tomorrow.

*MD Anderson has a referral from her doctor

*UTMB has a referral from her doctor

*Medical City lung coordinator is keeping an eye out for charity opportunities

*Baylor has started the process for charity care and if also requesting all sort of data

That’s all I have to report as of now. She’s at Baylor Waxahachie and in good hands. We have also raised over $300 FOR MY MOMMA which helps with living expenses, prescriptions, etc. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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