Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Just thought I'd update you on the meeting my mom had at the Ellis County Indigent Program. She really hates that word by the way. I say it's H O P E! Love you mom! As we struggle back and forth on whether or not she returns to work the program has pretty much determined that for us. Ellis County basically wants my mom to take herself to poverty level. Meaning, no job, apply for food stamps, etc.

This is a hard one to swallow and seems so ridiculous since she is willing and able to work except she just doesn't have that "get out of doctor, free card" a.k.a an insurance card. So, she's got a few days to do what they ask before the can approve her. Once approved she'll go back to the free clinic in Waxhachie called Hope Clinic and we're 'assuming' they'll take it from there. Her sister is going to be helping her apply for the food stamps and medicaid. Thanks Aunt Sue (she works in this field and is the best to help her with any questions or directions).

Yesterday I found a clinical trial my mom would qualify for, but once I did more leg work they came back and said they did not have funding. She would still have to provide insurance. I guess I misunderstood what clinical trial really meant. Sure doesn't mean they're handing out FREE experimental treatments. It's a process in itself!

I did talk to a very nice lady with Pfizer Cancer Trails. She provided me with this link to clinical trials. She also told me that if I would 'ask' her for a certain PDF document of "Resources and Financial Assistance" that she could send it to me. Find that so weird that I had to ask for it like it's some sort of secret finding. When I got the PDF (please contact me for this because I don't know how to link a PDF yet) I was surprised to find so much information on a treasure map! Today mom has submitted her info to MD Anderson out of Houston through this link
We should hear from them by tomorrow or the next day. Crossing all fingers and toes (ouch).

I will be posting some other links along our journey so if you or someone you know needs some direction hopefully this will help. Again, email me for that PDF!

So....I thought this might be a quick update, but I am finding through this process that there's nothing quick about anything expect T I M E. In which I've taken too much your time today. Keep those prayers coming. More updates and information to follow soon!

Much love,

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