Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

While we are still waiting for Parkland's door to open, my mom has to have her sodium checked. As of August 19th it was 122 when Baylor released her, even though they had a target of 130. This morning my Granny picked her up in Waxahachie and drove her to Las Colinas (Thanks Granny)! We are now waiting for a phone call with her results. If it is low, we will take her to Parkland ER. We'll just push that door open ourselves!

I'm spending my lunch today writing thank you cards, wiping my mascara off that I 'thought' I might be able to wear today. Never thought writing out thank you cards would make me cry, but it has. My heart if just overwhelmed with everything right now. Heaven forbid a McDonald's commercial, or Folgers commercial comes on the TV. AND I'm staying away from sad movies. Give me slapstick comedies (80's take me away)!

In one of my thank you cards I write to Dr. Kancharla of Las Colinas Cancer Center, who opened her heart to us even though we're not in her office anymore and the lack of insurance we do not hold.

Dr. Kancharla -

My eyes swell while writing this note to you. I can’t thank you enough for your caring support, and guidance to help my mom Debrah Burnett. To receive a call from your office to let us know there was possibly HOPE was a blessing immeasurable. You have changed my prospective of “once you’re released you’re on your own”. So thank you from the top and bottom of my heart. A door of HOPE has been opened because of you and I am forever grateful.

Best regards

Christina Calderon


Off to the bathroom now to clean up my eyes. More updates to come...and thank you for following MY MOMMA.

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