Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chapter 4

He's sweet, the couple that just moved into the room with my mom. The husband is very attentive to his wife and her illness. They've been in and out of Parkland for 15 years. I'm pretty sure she's battling cancer, since we are NOW on the cancer floor. The husband introduce himself and is very kind. Although mom is now sharing a room, things could really be worse. I know she feels this even though it's hard to see.
When I arrived this morning in hopes of my mom receiving her first chemo treatment. I found that they will not start a treatment until her Absolute Neutrophil Levels are up. Something to do with the white blood cells. They took her off her tyroid medicine and it's help the level go up. She's now at 950 and she needs to be at 1000. So close, chemo could be later today, this evening, or possibly tomorrow. She wants to go home, as you can imagine. She's been her 1 week and 1 day, and we hope she gets the best present for her birthday (which is tomorrow) - 1st treatment and a ticket HOME.
The picture featured on this posting is where my mom will receive treatment. She has signed up for a clinical trial. During our quest for treatment and avenues I had contacted UT Southwestern regarding clinicial trails. They told my mom would still have to have some sort of insurance. Since we've been picked up by Ellis County Indigent Care and also Parkland - seems $$$ talks. There are 3 group studies to this clinical, and you are randomly picked. They gave her paperwork on what to expect, including side effects, and scheduling. Just some light reading for me today.
Will probably have another update today, I plan on staying here for the day. We're about to go for an adventure outside after we see the doctors on this floor. Your continued prayers are appreciated!! Much love!


Stacey said...

I have the honor and having lunch with two beautiful people today. Whom you ask, why yes, Mom and Christy. It was a wonderful lunch! I'm so glad to have the pleasure of spending it with two people that I adhor.
I do have to say about Parkland, I know now what an ant feels like in an ant farm. People everywhere, going this way and that, people directing people where things are, and you better move out of their way because you will get run over.
Thank you ladies for the wonderful lunch and I look forward to many more! Love, Stacey

Christina said...'re amazing!! Thanks for bringing your smile to my momma!! You really know how to describe your visit to Parkland to a T! We love you 'Ant' Stacey!!