Monday, September 13, 2010

Good morning! Today is Monday, Sept 13th and my mom is about to embark on her 2nd week of radiation. Please continue to keep her in your prayers and thoughts and also remember there's are ways to help by donating or participating in any fund raising opportunities that I list. Ideas always welcome!!

This past Friday I went with my mom to her Oncologist appointment at Parkland to meet her administrating doctor as well as her personal nurse. Even though we're first greeted with a room full of about 60 to 100 people and a woman who handed us a number and said "just wait for your # to be called and then go to the 2nd window". Wow, I figured we'd better pitch our tent and that we were going to be there for awhile. Surely it's not going to be like this every time my mom goes for a check-up and chemo treatment. Why...yes it sure is, but you know what it really didn't take too long. Parkland really has their processes down and again I'm impressed. Yes, Debrah's daughter who is easy to fly off the handle when it comes to her care is 'impressed again'. So we spent some time with the Ongologist, going over her current medications and what she's going to add to the mix. As we talked to the doctor and woman walked in quietly and stood to the side. She looked like a nurse in training (lots of students at this hospital). The doctor asked if she, the nurse, wanted to introduce herself and she kindly replied.."when you're done doctor".

As I'm trying to keep everything straight in my head for my mom I'm still a bit confused on the chemo process since the IV is out of stock. The doctor did say we could 'hope' that they'll have it back in before her next chemo treatment. Until then, it's pills and I believe it's 4 treatments with 3 weeks in between each treatment. Which makes it a pretty long drawn out process vs. the Clinical trail which was 5 weeks long. Mom will still get radiation on a daily basis, and I'll update you on how long that will go on as well. For now...we meet our BFF during this journey, mom's nurse who kindly waited for the doctor to finish.

"I'm Julie Moore, RN, the Nurse Navigator for Lung Cancer" "I am your go to person for care, questions, concerns, cries, etc." FOR REALS? I put her name and direct line (214-590-4258) in my cell phone right way and was already lining up my future questions. Thank goodness!! Turns out Julie has now replaced Sharon whom was our first contact into Parkland. A woman who I cried to and called all the time, now she's moved on which would have scared me, but Julie eased that pain. She hugged mom and said she would be here for her..and us. (She's still talking and I'm memorizing her phone #!)

So, the Friday appointment was very informative. We were also able to move up my mom's radiation appointment that day due to a cancellation. She goes to radiation at UT Southwestern which is down the street from Parkland. She arrives in the front to be greeted by FREE Valet service (patients only), beautiful art work in the lobby and through-out, and marble counter tops. Pretty nice, which gives me comfort with her being there since treatment is every day.

Right now, she's doing ok. She had some restless nights over the weekend and tried to rest as much as possible (had no choice really). Sunday she was feeling a little better and ready to get her game on again for today. More updates to follow soon... thank for taking the time to read this blog and hold out your heart to my mom. She will one day be a guest on this blog and she can tell you her story.



jamienmon said...

You and your mom are still in my prayers. Your mom sure is a trooper and I surely cannot wait to meet her. She is an inspiration, I am sure to anyone who crosses her path. I know she is to me just by what I have read about her. God is surely with her.

Brandie said...

Each day I pray another door opens to the right place and person and to what ever your mom needs. You know you are in my heart and prayers we love you both so much. Hugs and kisses. the cooksey's

millerbuffy said...

I spoke to our oncology educator today and she told me to remind you that oral chemo is chemo! I know it was a set back not to get the IV treatment, but your mom is still getting treatment, just not the plan you had, but it was GOD's plan. Hang in there and keep smiling. I learned a long time ago, you have to be able to laugh about the rough times.