Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sneaky Luck

As most of my family and friends know, I'm not a cat lover. They'll sneak right up on you and claw you! I took this picture at a photo shoot of a wandering kitty. I thought this picture was appropriate for what I'm about to blog about. Which is luck and sneakiness.

First of all, my mom is doing ok. She made it all day yesterday at Parkland for her first chemo (4 hr session) and her 2nd radiation treatment. So far so good, until I got a call from her.

"Chris, you're not going to believe this, they have ran out of the IV chemo drip all across our nation and they are dropping the clinical trail". WHAT THE!?! Come on people, really? I'm having a very hard time believing this chemo drug is now out of stock and NO ONE knows WHY?! Not even the administering doctors! The 'luck' we got with finally getting started was taken away from us within a 4 hour period.

Don't worry, she will receive chemo by 'pill' for now. This morning along with her breakfast she told me she was having 24 pills along with it. The IV chemo is faster and has better results. The pill form, after choking them all down takes longer and well... just isn't fun (of course none of it is). Right now we have no idea what the game plan is, but I'll be joining my mom at her doctors appointment tomorrow with the oncologist. I did make a call first thing this morning to find out 'what the H E L L", and no calls were returned when before they were right on it. Perhaps they don't know anything either.

I've done several searches on this drug, Etoposide. I can't find any ground breaking news. Wouldn't you think if a shortage or the FDA pulled it off the market there might be some heat about it? I mean, Lipton ice tea got some heat with their green tea and it's health benefits this week, why wouldn't THIS deal be broadcast?

Meanwhile, take a look at these articles my friend Laurie sent me. It's all very interesting. Connection, perhaps not...but you really never's just all sneaky.

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