Friday, September 17, 2010


NANA!!! One thing for sure is Marshall loves his Nana! He's been talking to her over the phone in the evenings. I think he might be a doctor one day. He's very infatuated with blood pressure machines since my mom started having issues with her sodium levels. He now likes to stop at the sit down machine in Kroger and have his #'s checked. He of course is on the 'NORMAL' scale of BP.

Mom is finishing up this weeks Radiation. She's gone daily at 2:45, and getting back home around 5:00 or so. She's been a real trooper with making that commute. She says she wants to drive herself until her white flag starts waving. My Granny, myself, and my brother are all on call for getting her to and from appointment when that flag does go up! She'll rest this weekend to begin once again next week.

Next Friday we'll have an ongologist appointment to check her sodium and get her geared up for another round of chemo. I say "we'll", because I'll be there with her. She is not alone in this process by any means. And we have so many people praying for her.

We've got a couple things coming up to help with donations. Of course donations..even just $5..can be made directly on this blog. We also still have Nicole offering her Mary Kay services, donating 25% of sales to my mom. I'm also hosting a Scentsy party through my friend Rachel on Oct 2, at 11 a.m. Everyone is welcome and Rachel is donating 20% of sales also. And any photo shoots scheduled with me I'll be donating 100% to my mom. We're still working on a garage sale date, leaning towards the end of October. Stay tuned for that!

Where do the donations go? Because of your donations, my mom will be able to stay in the downtown area during one of her intense weeks coming up. I contacted Parkland through facebook asking if there were any hotels were my mom could stay and receive a discounted rate. They contacted me with a list!! So awesome....visit Parkland's facebook page here PARKLAND
If you are in need of this information, please let me a comment with your email address and I will email the list to you.

Thanks for staying tuned, texting me for updates, calling, emailing, etc... You are all very special and we appreciate you so very much!

Have a great weekend!!

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