Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's shrinking!!!

Hello! Yes, it's me finally! I'm sure you've all been waiting on the exact findings of my mom's latest CT scan. WE HAVE GREAT NEWS!!! So, since I don't understand medical reports so well, I'll just give it to you straight up. I mainly focus on the decreasing in mm (size).

Findings: Interval improvement in left perihilar adenopathy. Currently soft tissue adjacent to the left lower lobe basilar truck measuring 5mm thick; this had previously measured 20 mm thick. Soft tissue adjacent to the lingula bronchus measures only 3 mm thick, previously 12 mm thick. A few station 5/6 nodes are also decreased in conspicuity, the largest measuring 5 to 6 mm nodes are also decreased in conspicuity, the largest measuring 5 to 6 mm in short axis previously 7 mm. Station 4 R nodes are smaller and more discrete currently measuring only 4 mm and previously at least 8 mm. The only nodes which appear a little larger 2-e in close proximity to the upper thor2-ic esophagus and measure 3 mm and less.

The nodule in the lingula has also decreased in size now measuring 6mm greatest transaxial diameter previously 18 mm!! A nodular opacity previously seen in the left lower lobe has decreased in size from 6 mm to 3 mm. No other significant change appreciated in the lungs.

Gall bladder is contracted. The adrenal glands are stable.

Marked internal improvement in left pulmonary nodules and left perihilar adenopathy. Most mediastinal nodes are either stable or decreased in size.

So with that said, we're doing the happy dance!! Mom is doing great, but tired from time to time. Still some trouble swallowing due to diffuse thickening of the thoracic esophageal wall, likely scar tissue from radiation. She just completed another round of chemo this week and she'll go in next week for labs. Following that next month is another round of chemo.

THANK YOU ALL so much for your prayers, help, donations, love, and support. GOD IS GOOD. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and can't say it enough.

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Much love,


JESSICA said...

Awesome news! YAY!

Sydney said...

YES!!!!!!!!!! This brought tears to my eyes! you are a wonderful daughter. I love how you are fighting so hard for her. It makes me want to fight along beside you. So happy for all of us! God IS good!

Paige said...

God is Good! Always count your blessings not your burdens! Thank God for true Blessings.