Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prayer Request

Mario, Marshall and I went to a new church on Sunday as a family. My friend Sabrina who I've known since Jr. High invited us to come . We loved it! Marshall especially...as you can tell by the cheesy grin with his new necklace he got! God loves me.

During the service the pastor gives an opportunity for anyone to come down to the alter, light a candle, and pray. So I did just that...for my momma. Such an emotional rush of comforted tears were hard to maintain. Anyone who knows me probably knows I'm crying as I type this. :-)

So with that, we're in need of major prayers this week. My mom has had a small break in between treatments and is resting at home. She's having some side effects, being tired it the main one, but also some swallowing problems. Hurts to eat a burger basically, so it's peaches and yogurt. Mainly soups, and soft stuff.

On Thursday she'll go in for a CT scan to see how the treatment is responding. And on Friday I will be with her as we review results with Oncologist and hear what the next steps are. We do know she's got 2 more rounds of chemo. So...SAY PRAYERS...LOTS. I believe in miracles and I know we've done the work. Now God needs to work his plan.

Much love,

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