Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last day!

Today is my mom's last day of radiation. WOOT!! I know she's looking forward to a little break. Last week was the hardest week she's had to face. She had 3 days of chemo and 5 days of radiation (2 appointment daily). She stayed comfortably in Dallas so she didn't have to drive. She took naps when she needed to and really listened to her body and not over do things.

Marshall and I took her out to the Iron Cactus in Dallas for dinner one night and my brother took her to Papa's BBQ another night. We are making sure she's surrounded by support and love and getting some good grub in the process.

Next week on Thursday she'll go in for a CT scan to see how the treatment is working. My guess it's doing a fabulous job! Then Friday we'll go in to see the Oncologist to hopefully review those results and also talk about lab results. The oncologist will also tell us when her next chemo treatment will be. I believe in a couple of weeks she'll have another round....followed by another round.

I'm just so in awe of my mother right now. She is so strong and makes me strong. Everyone should be so proud of her. I cry with happy tears because she has more strength than I've even known in a person. She makes me a better person and mom. I hope I can grow up to be just like her. Love you so much momma! Keep on truckin' and smilin'......XOXO

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